Sectors Serviced


Dynasty Metals and Mining

  • Antares Minerals (see case study)
  • Dynasty Metals and Mining
  • Hudson Resources
  • Celeste Copper
  • North American Tungsten

Oil and Gas


  • Brownstone Ventures
  • Antrim Resources
  • Transglobe Energy
  • Primary Petroleum
  • Result Energy



  • Dynetec Industries
  • Alter NRG

Clean Energy


  • P Squared Renewables
  • AlgaeBiosciences



  • Call Genie
  • BioExtraction
  • Prestige Telecom



  • Westech Health Care (Private)
  • Functional Technologies

Case Study - Antares Minerals

Antares Minerals - $1.30 to $8.00 over 18 Months

Engaged to broaden the investment community following while the drill program advanced, efforts culminated in a takeover offer.

Expanded the existing shareholder base and added key influencers to supporters of the company

Converted key sector voices and investors to endorse the company.

International Reach and Managed program created the ideal conditions for Acquisition offer.

Introduction of value merits of the assets and effective communication created an upswing in the market value.

The 'Program'


Planned Success

Corporate Value, Capital Markets activities and Investor Engagement should not be a random event.  An annual plan and IR 'Program' should tie together corporate developments with marketing and capital.

The ACP 'Program'

The initial step in the ACP 'Program' is a full review of the next 12 and 18 month corporate milestones and deliverables.  This is then synced with target valuations for each advancement.  Finally the investor marketing and communications strategies are scheduled to coincide for maximum results.

'3' Touches

ACP through its experience has found that exposure to a company investment opportunity in 3 different occasions resonates with investors and creates legitimacy.  This can be a personal presentation, trade show, and BNN.  Or perhaps a trade magazine, newsletter, and an associate comment.

Covering the Bases

The ACP Program is designed to achieve optimal reach through the exercise of a multitude of tools deployed at the appropriate timing in the company's 12 to 18 month development calendar.

Exit Strategy and Valuation

Whatever the company's long term strategy, if it is executing on its plan there will be an acquisition proposal offered at a premium by a third party for strategic or next phase of growth purposes.  This premium should exceed the program mapped value.

Unique Programs and Execution

Each company is unique and has different needs and plans.  Each Program is built from the ground up with this in mind to maximize results for each client.  

In a dynamic market change is inevitable and flexibility in adapting is required.  The Program is reviewed quarterly with Management to ensure timely effectiveness.